Flights to Nootka Island

Charter Flights to Nootka Island via a beach landing!

Have you ever landed in a plane on a beach? We have. In fact we do it all the time.

The wide, flat and firm beach at Calvin Falls on the South shore of Nootka Island provides a perfect runway for our sturdy aircraft, and operating on wheels and not floats allows us to keep our rates affordable.

Whether you’re accessing the popular Nootka Trail for hiking, staying on the island, or just stopping in for the day, a beach landing with BC Air is an event you won’t soon forget.

Our aircraft are based in Campbell River, so if you can get here, we’ll be able to offer the best rates, but we can depart from the airport that’s most convenient to you. We can fly up to 5 passengers at a time onto Nootka Island and hold for as long as the tide will allow, or drop you off with supplies and return when you need us.