Fly BC Air

It is all about what you see!

  • Mountains
  • Glaciers
  • Oceans
  • Rainforest

Come flightseeing. It’s all there, outside your window!

Eagle Flight

Have you ever looked down on an eagle?

From the air you get an eagle’s eye view of the world. See the mountains, lakes, ocean and islands around Campbell River, maybe even your own back yard. It all looks different from up here.

Flight time: 25 minutes  $95.00 per person

Mountain Air Flight

Above the coastal rainforests the air is fresh, and the views are spectacular. View some of the highest mountains on Vancouver Island, surrounded by craggy peaks, turquoise pocket lakes and ancient ever-moving glaciers. Soar over Mt Washington then circle out over the northern gulf islands for an awe inspiring view of Discovery Passage.

It’s your world. See it all.

Flight time: 55 minutes  $179.00 per person

West Coast Explorer Flight

Fly through the mountain peaks to the west coast and the open Pacific Ocean. Circle the village of Yuquot, which has been continuously inhabited for 4300 years. This is the area where the first contact between Europeans and First Nations happened, a little over 240 years ago. If weather and tides cooperate, we may land on a deserted west coast beach in a misty world of sand, surf and wilderness. Look for sea otters, schools of fish and the occasional whale. On the way you will see the working island: active fish farms, logging, and mining, as well as pristine forests and the wild and beautiful west coast.

Flight Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes $485.00 per person

Be Your Own Explorer

We will help you design your own personalized flight. We can take you up the mainland fjords to Mt Waddington, Homathko Glacier, Knights Inlet, or to historic Alert Bay and northern Vancouver Island.

Rates available by request.

We fly Cessna 172s. We take 3 passengers at a time, with a weight limit of 250 kilograms (550 pounds).

Our flights require at least 2 seats to depart. If you are a solo traveler, we can notify you when your preferred flight becomes available!

Make it Private – purchase 2 full-price seats and get the option to buy the 3rd seat for only $70  to reserve the aircraft exclusively for you.

We depart from the Campbell River Airport, but we can arrange departures from Courtenay Airpark or Powell River Airport. Extra charges will apply.