West Coast Tour

See the Windswept West Coast without getting your hat blown off…

  • 1hr 35min to 1hr 45 min
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This tour takes us through the mountains and north along the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island.

We’ll start off heading out South, past Mt. Washington Ski Resort and quickly arrive at Comox Lake which is where we’ll cut across Vancouver Island on our way West.

On the way across, we’ll take in spectacular views of the Comox Glacier, the Vancouver Island mountain range, and the Great Central Lake.

After flying down the Kennedy River and coming out onto Kennedy Lake, We’ll proceed up the West Coast.

We’ll see Uclulet off the left side as we turn, Tofino shortly after, then once we hit Vargas Island things get a little more wild.

See the windblown trees, sandy creeks and potentially the occasional wolf or bear as we fly low up the coast as far as Nootka Island.

We’ll fly over the beach at Calvin Falls on the South Coast of the Island, where for a small fee, and with the cooperation of the tides, we can arrange a brief stop by landing on the sand!

There’s lots to see down on the ground, an incredible waterfall, a driftwood beach shack, and a cliff face filled with fossils to name just a few. Ask us for more info on this or click here for a few more details.

From Nootka we’ll make our way back across the Island Via Gold River and the Elk River Valley, with more spectacular views to take in along the way.

This is a day you won’t soon forget!

  • Route is fully customizable
  • Departing whenever you like
  • Can also depart from Courtenay Airpark
Aircraft TypeMax PassengersApproximate Time
Cessna 1723 (500lbs combined)1hr 50 mins
Cessna 2065 (1000lbs combined)1hr 35 mins

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