About Us

Originally founded in 1995 in Bella Coola, Bella Coola Air offered tours, charters and forestry management services in the area.

In 2018, Sealand Flight purchased Bella Coola Air and brought it to Campbell River. We’ve added a 702, “aerial work” operating certificate to our existing 703, “air taxi” cert, allowing us to not only provide point to point charters and sightseeing, but also work such as aerial survey and fire or pipeline patrols.

In 2022, we added a Cessna 206 to our existing fleet of Cessna 172s, allowing us to carry up to 5 passengers, or roughly 1000lbs of payload. Our 172s are capable of carrying up to 3 passengers, or roughly 500lbs of payload, a little more affordably that the 206.

Our airplanes are also capable of STOL (short takeoff and landing) applications, meaning we can safely work out of non-paved, or “soft”, off airport locations, including rough grass strips at logging camps and remote West Coast beaches.

We’re excited to showcase our beautiful area, get you where you need to go help your business by moving crews and cargo to remote locations.