Flights from point A to point B, and whatever you need in between!

Tell us where you, your family, your crew or your cargo need to be, and we’ll make sure they get there.

Our fleet of carefully maintained Cessna aircraft are capable of accessing anywhere, from the busiest large Internationals, to the shortest small regional airports, to unpaved grass, gravel or dirt runways.

Unlike a scheduled flight, with a charter, you book the whole aircraft. You don’t need to share it with anyone else except the pilot! We can depart from where you want, when you want, however frequently you need.

Our pilots can drop you off and return for you another day, or hold for a small fee.

Most of our aircraft are based in Campbell River (we do keep a Cessna 172 at the Courtenay Airpark), so flights departing Campbell will always give the best prices. However our aircraft can travel to pick up at any location.

Call us for info or bookings!

Phone: 250-895-9979